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Arts Council England

Digital R&D Fund for the Arts Podcasts

A series of Monty Funk produced studio and package-based podcasts, exploring digital technology in delivering interpretation and the arts.

Presented by John Wilson

Podcast 1

User generated content, social media and audience curation.

Podcast 2

Using mobile & location-based technology and gaming to engage audiences.

Podcast 3

Using digital channels and technologies to distribute arts and cultural content and reach the widest possible audience including new and international audiences.

Podcast 4

How arts organisations can open up their archives, collections and data using digital technologies.

Podcast 5

How organisations can use digital technologies for arts and cultural education and learning, not only for children and young people but also for those outside of the formal education system.

Podcast 6

How digital technologies are radically changing some arts and cultural organisations' business models.

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