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Monty Funk produces audio tours and trails for heritage interpretation. Everything from initial planning, through research, scriptwriting, translation, choosing and recording actors and narrators, editing and mixing to the final master delivery is performed in our own studio facilities or on location.

We also perform audience testing and analytics.

Dartmoor National Park

Comber-Andrews Titanic

Droitwich Canals

Dolaucothi Goldmines - Roman

West Malvern Literary Trail

Great Orme

Our Heritage

Princes of Gwynedd

Porth y Swnt

Dolaucothi 1930s

Castles & Princes

We partner with various manufacturers of hand-held 'wand' type devices, such as Dataton, Stendhal and RSF, to put together a whole package that includes the devices and support. Find out more in 'Equipment for Heritage Interpretation'.

We also deliver audio trails on apps, which we develop in-house. Monty Funk are official app developers for Apple iOS and Android. Find out more in 'Apps for Heritage Interpretation'.

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