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Monty Funk are official independent supplies to the BBC. We produce documentaries and features for BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 3 and the BBC World Service. Below are some of the Monty Funk productions for the BBC...

Programme NameProducerNetwork
Behind the Scenes: Mirga Grazinyte-TylaRosie BoultonBBC Radio 4
Fantasy FestivalRosie BoultonBBC Radio 4
The Aquatic Ape with Sir David AttenboroughRichard CollinsBBC Radio 4
Fantasy Festival with Frank Cottrell-BoyceRosie BoultonBBC Radio 4
The Rhetoric of CancerRosie BoultonBBC World Service
Torres Straights Expedition - Archive Hour Peter Nash BBC Radio 4
Not For King and Country - The Archive Hour David Corser BBC Radio 4
The Imagined Village Alan Hall & David Corser BBC Radio 3
Jewellery Tales David Corser BBC Radio 4
Cevennes Richard Collins BBC Radio 4
Ghosts In The Machine Richard Collins BBC Radio 4
Leading From The Front David Corser BBC Radio 4
The Watchers Alan Hall BBC Radio 3
A Boy Called Kim with Mark Tulley David Corser BBC Radio 4
Concord of Sweet Sounds David Corser BBC Radio 4

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