Podcast production

Definition: a short, engaging radio-style programme full of vital information that the listener hears directly off the web, or downloads to their smartphone...

Monty funk has been an independent supplier to the BBC since the late 1990s - find out more in BBC Radio Production.

With its high-level production experience, the company provides everything for professional podcasting; guidance, production skills and technical know-how, along with all our high-end BBC equipment and facilities.

We take the process from initial concept to delivery via the internet, smartphone and other digital platforms.

Journalistic integrity and quality production skills make all the difference to a podcast, and we ensure your podcast sounds unique - bringing out your message in the most engaging ways possible.

Podcasts can represent an extremely efficient return on investment, and have become an essential tool for communications in the smartphone world. Why not listen to some of productions from Monty Funk:

Malvern Hills AONB

Podcast series discovering rural activities that made, and continue to make, the Malvern Hills.

Click to hear the podcasts...


A series of podcasts immersed in music, arts and literary festivals...

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