Audio-Visual Presentation Systems

Monty Funk designs and produces audio & visual presentation systems designed specifically for heritage interpretation.

Many of these are bespoke designs, but we have a number of popular systems ready off-the-shelf.


Of the bespoke systems, some are designed ground-up for a specific project, such as kiosks with masses of interactive elements. Others are designed and built from industrial relics related to the project, such as working telephones and machinery.


They are always interactive, always fun, always engaging!

Kiosk: Dinefwr Castle
Interactive touch-screen kiosk
National Trust
Monty Funk Circuit Board
Circuit board designed by Monty Funk for audio presentation system
External phone
Dial number to hear stories solar powered.
National Trust
Telephone Audio
Dial numbers to hear oral histories.
National Trust
Retro number indicator
Nixie retro number indicator for pre-1980s computing equipment presentation
Working Timeclock
Stamp entry card for authentic timestamp 'ding'.
National Trust
Workshop Phone
Dial numbers to hear oral history stories.
National Trust
Monty Funk PIR Trigger System
Bespoke trigger system designed by Monty Funk for AV presentation environments
Industrial Audio Player
Machine to play oral history
Rebuilt to automatically play 1930s news reports - National Trust
Monty Funk Electronics
Electronics for heritage interpretation by Monty Funk
Power Saw Controller
Industrial controller for controlling sounds of interpretation project
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If you have a project that could benefit from some wizardry, gadgetry, interactive technology or audio & visual presentation ranging from clever to simple, why not get in touch?

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